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Not all vortexes are healthy places. The earth does produce its own noxious energy. Which in some cases was the purpose of geomantic sites, to transform and use the energy. There are actually a couple of these transformational areas out past the West Canyons. There are three basalt intrusions that form a triangle of power. Several of them have cairns built on them, reinforced with human intention to draw bad energy into it and transform it. One of these intrusion my friend wolfbear is standing on seen in the picture on this page


Unfortunate names that do not do justice to the power of its presence. If you stand beneath it, it truly feels like a big eagle. It sits on the Northwest side of Thunder Mountain, Capital Butte. coffee pot rock
Coffee Pot Rock - Chicken Rock

  The Chapel of the Holy cross. This is a very powerful site. Back in 1955 nobody was talking about vortexes. But the woman that designed it picked the spot form the area. She had never been in an airplane before. It is a wonderful example of geomancy. Sedona chapel of The Holy Cross vortex
Chapel Of The Holy Cross


montezuma's well
Montezuma's Well
Montezuma's well is one of the most sacred places to the local Yavapai and Apache. It is their place of emergence. It is indeed a doorway.
Kachina woman
Kachina Woman
Kachina Woman is at the mouth of Boynton Canyon. This is a good spot. I suggest hiking up to the base of it. Boyton canyon is one of the busier hiking places and is also the home of Enchantment resort.

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