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Sedona vortex energy and power. Is it healing? Is it magnetism? Is it electricity. Is it electromagnetism? Is it spiritual ? And what is this thing called the web of life? Are all sacred sites vortices? For that matter are all vortices sacred sites? Does it increase our psychic powers or ability to heal. What happens when you build a medicine wheel or other forms of geomancy in one of these spots? What about Native Americans, Indians and all aboriginal people? Does this word or concept exist in their vocabulary?This is going to be a continuing discussion that I am just beginning. Not as a definitive study or statement or worldwide exploration. More an opinion based on 20 years as a guide and explorer in this open air cathedral that includes many places all over the southwest and the Verde Valley, where Sedona is located.

First, we need to set the record straight. Above is a view of from Mingus mountain looking out toward Sedona. It sits on the Southwest end of the Verde Valley. The red rock cliffs sit on the Northwest side. But the mountain range (the Black Hills), of which Mingus the tall sentinel of, is embraced by valleys on either side. So Mingus is actually the center of a great circle. It is also the tallest mountain in Central Arizona. From it you can see the most sacred mountains of Arizona the San Francisco Peaks, home of the kachina spirits, sacred mountain of the West, known by the Navajos as light always glitters on top.

The San Francisco Peaks / Light Always Glitters On Top

Mingus is the spiritual center of this valley. Go anywhere in the world and the tallest mountain or even hill that is visible will have great spiritual significance and will often be the center. This escapes you when you look at it from below. But when you journey to the top your whole being knows the truth. It is a female mountain full of great peace. It is a stepping stone to heaven. Few people in the valley are aware of this. But it is true. It is also the Southwest border for Hopi Indian ancient Sacred land. For the Yavapai Apache it is the place where first woman gave birth to her daughter. More than nine springs flow from her. This is one of the places that I take people. Not only to the top but to wonderful places of power including the fire or sky medicine wheel. So if you are coming to this area don't get caught up in the hype and commercialism that surrounds the vortices. Explore! Experience! Question! Be free of belief systems and trust your heart.


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