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Sedona Healing earth energies history . . . I am sure the use of the word vortex has earlier uses in this context than I am aware of. Dick Supten claims to have used it on the radio before Page Bryant wrote her book. Earth Changes Survival Handbook which is the first time the vortices appear in print. This word is also used in this way in the Book The Keys of Enoch published in 1977. Frankly I have never cared much for the word as it has a lot of limitations especially when you add on electrical, electromagnetic and magnetic which are equally limiting. Dick Supten did go on to write his own book Psychic Energy Vortexes, undoubtedly as a self promotional device. Apparently he use to gather up to 300 people wearing a white suit and take them into the vortices and teach them psychic powers over the weekend. And I have no doubt there are people that had transformational experiences in spite of all the hoopla ha. Not my cup of tea. This is one place where you will definitely get my opinion. Does this mean that there is nothing to this vortex phenomena? No, it means don't believe everything you hear and read. Seek out your own experience. And be careful of definitions. There is a mystery here that can not be penetrated by the mind. Below you will find the four main vortex areas described in Page Bryants book. She actually listed 7, perhaps to cover all the main body chakras. Indians Gardens, Apache Leap and near the present day post office where the New Hyatt is being built are the three more obscure locations.



schnebly medicine wheel
This is the only photo I have of the Schnebly hill Rd. / Bearwallow Canyon medicine wheel. It was originally built during the harmonic convergence in 1987. Until the early 90's it was much more substantial. The forest service tore it apart. It was later rebuilt the way you see it in the picture. Today it does not exist. Why? The forest service. Personally I feel, as many do, that this is one of the more powerful vortex areas. It is more remote and undisturbed. No highways no airplanes etc.


These are aerial views of the main vortices.
cathedral rock
Cathedral Rock

Boynton Canyon

Bell Rock
I will tell you right now there are many hot places all over the Verde valley that you will have to go out and discover. But here are the main four publized / commercialized sites. The photo of Airport Mesa does not show the vortex area. This would be off the Mesa near the upper right corner. Do the airplanes disturb this area? You bet.
airport mesa
Airport Mesa
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