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Every year many thousands of people pilgrimage to Sedona, just as people have pilgrimaged in every land on this earth for many thousands of years. We may journey to unfamiliar lands as wanderers in search, but we are in fact seeking that which is closest and dearest to us, the very heart of this great mystery that we are. Sometimes we have to remove ourselves from the daily habitual rhythm, which our lives have become, in order to remember and abide in this sacred truth that our very breath is born from. Sedona and the surrounding land enhance this act of remembrance and return home. Home is a word I hear so many people use when they come here. They may have traveled the whole world, but here something allows them to feel this "coming home". We are coming home to what has always been within us. Places of power help bring us home to what we have always been, but forgotten. As children, we lived in this magic of now, in the magic of our own dance, but in the course of surviving and the desire to be loved we abandoned this most precious song that sings in the marrow of our bones.

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I have served people here on this sacred land for over 20 years, and I have seen a new religion created, called "Vortex". Yes created. Yes a religion. People seeking meaning, depth, healing, peace, hope, faith, grace, life itself, read about this new religion called a "vortex" and are inspired to make the journey here. Waiting for them are the countless vortex experts ready to feed their minds with all manner of concepts, beliefs and more beliefs. It's this, it's that . . . it's over here, it's over there. "See that twisted tree? The vortex did that." What I am saying is not meant to destroy any one's faith in the power of place, or the wonder of that spiraling juniper tree, but to redirect that faith to the absolute truth of it all, you.
These popularized "Vortices" that you read about were none existent as a concept before 1979. As a guide in the late 1980's early 90's, I took people to places less well known and encouraged them to explore the wonder of these places as a mystery whose truth would be revealed from their own truth and knowing. Even then, I preferred to call them Sacred Places. experience
Today, I continue to guide people to less well known, and in fact, some unknown places. I do not go to the popular, commercialized Vortex areas. That doesn't mean I don't live in the magic and great mystery of it all. I dearly love this land, it nourishes and feeds me even as I ride down a dirt road in my truck on my way to where inner and outer merge,
to the center of the circle where we are bathed like rain from the beautiful sky in the Medicine of One. There are several very sacred medicine circles that I visit. If I pick up a stone from outside the circle and test your strength, you will likely be easily toppled. But if I pick up a stone from inside the circle, you will be immovable in your core. Why? There are many concepts I could call upon to answer this why. But when people look at me in amazement, I tell them I don't know. I tell them that we are standing in a doorway, and the circle has opened that doorway, and the good intentions of those who have visited have infused the very stone itself, blessed it you might say, with this Medicine of One.
experience So yes, pilgrimage to this magnificent doorway, this land of many sacred places that resonates with what resides within you. But remember, home lives in our very bones, and sings in our heart, and we must listen. We can listen no matter where we are, for we are the Medicine of One.

Please look through my site and see if it resonates with you. It would be my honor to serve you.
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