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Hello, Clay Miller wishing you safe journeys. You will find me several times a week narrarting and entertainng on the Verde Canyon Railroad. It has been my pleasure to have been guiding and inspriing folks on the train for 6 years now. My thanks to all of you who have been so appreciative. People are always asking me when I am on the train so I am now trying to post my schedule each month as I know it in advance. Hope this helps. Thanks for all your support. After the train ride if your interested in a private trip on the land please contact me. It would be my pleasrure to serve you.

September 3, 4, 10, 12, 13, 17, 21, 27

In the summer I highly recommend the moonlight / starlight ride.

Fantastic trip! The narration and music were excellent. Food and beverage were fresh and well prepared. The staff was friendly, courteous and kind. I was part of a tour that rode several other trains and this one was by far the most memorable.  
-John Sunderson Jr.
Anaheim, CA
Twilight/Starlight Rides
Beginning May 24th, 2003 and continuing every Saturday through August, passengers can enjoy the romance and spectacle of its Twilight/Starlight train trips through the wilderness: No noise, no hype, no commercialism, just rocking along the rails to the tune of a star-studded light show. Passengers start the four-hour excursion as the sun sets against a scenic Arizona backdrop, and then marvel as the canyon comes to life with a nocturnal existence few have ever witnessed. At twilight, visitors get a rare glimpse of animals foraging in their natural habitat as silent walls of rock stir with the calls and cries of wildlife. While the descending nightfall casts an ethereal light on the towering cliffs, sunsets give way to the clarity of a desert sky, and vistas of distant constellations sparkle, undiluted by city lights. What appeared as mere rock formations by day come to life in the shapes of animals and angels beneath the surreal light of the celestial moon. These popular Starlight trains depart at 5:30 p.m. and return at 9:30 p.m. Reservations are recommended.
* Spring - Spring is definitely a “coming-out party” . Wildflowers and cacti are in full bloom from mid-March through June. The hillsides are painted in soft hues of color from the indigenous prickly pear. Desert marigolds, lark spur, Blackfoot daisies, Indian paintbrush and ocotillo dot the landscape with vivid color bursts.
* Summer - Cottonwood, sycamores and mesquites are in full bloom. Black hawks and Great Blue herons are seen cruising the river. Late summer rain and early evening thunderstorms create waterfalls and glisten the vermillion cliffs.
* Fall - The change of color is spectacular. Autumn warms the land with a Midas touch. Animals and waterfowl are more visible, including deer, antelope, javelina, red-tail hawks, belted kingfishers and the Great Blue heron, as it cruises the crystal clear water of the River.
* Winter - From December through March, the bald and golden eagle populations soar. These magnificent birds have wintered in the area cohabitating with the train since 1911. Today, more than 35 birds, ranging in age, winter here. It is a pleasure to witness these wonderful creatures in their natural habitat.
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