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Jerome Arizona tours, 4x4 and hiking, mountain and back country, Verde Valley and Sedona: Informative, educational and scenic. We will cover vast range of subjects including mining history, Native American cultures, Hopi, Navajo, Yavapai - Apache, archeology, ethnobotany, geology, railroads. . . I use an open air vehicle that outstrips any jeep for comfort and stability. The names of the tours like Indian, Sky, Little Grand Canyon reflect the terrain, views, and theme of the trips. The mining town Jerome is a national historic landmark perched on the side of a mountain with panoramic views matched no where in the world. These tours are for the traveler desiring not only inspiring landscapes and settings but searching for an edifying experience as well. Name your interests and we can design a learning adventure and visit places no one else in the valley journeys to. There are remote cliff dwellngs, rock art sites and even a few great swimming holes. We will more than likely be the only visitors and in the magic of this solitude find the peace of heaven and earth as we gaze over the splendor and beauty of this great land. And there is nothing more I enjoy than sharing my love of the land through the grace of the flute or a song that was born from this very place. We can also combine these trips with the with Sedona Tours that are for the spiritual pilgrim. I am here to serve as your guide. I look forward to that opportunity. Safe journeys until we meet perhaps on one of my Jerome tours.

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When is Clay on the Verde Canyon Railroad?

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