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How the Group soul retrieval sessions came about

I have been doing the individual Soul Journey/ Shamanic Counseling sessions with people for 13 years now. I have done this in the context of up to nine people present as I worked on each individual. Those present were invited to receive the gift of the person I was working with. Not to stand outside as an objective observer, but to Become the experience. We all share the same stories. This is the stuff of myths and legends and the themes brought to us by great dramatist like Shakespeare. Much of our pain comes from the separation we create by clinging so desperately to our own stories and by hiding those parts of ourselves that we hate. For any feeling that we push a way is a form of self-hate. The embracing of all the feelings that you have is the act of Self love. And yet the paradox is that act dissolves the walls of this fictional self. We cling to our stories, because no matter how much pain they cause us they give a sense of definition. Without our stories what would we be? Ha! Everything and nothing. This can be a terrifying experience when you stand at the doorway of the emptiness that you have been running away from your whole life. If you haven't read The Interview about the individual sessions please do so. This page will have a lot more meaning for you. The Web Of Life Group sessions is the next level. Some people are not comfortable with this until they have done several individual sessions. We are all afraid of others seeing who we are. But we all have the world within us. We are all capable of every form of human drama and emotion. If we embrace the whole circle of who we are, if we own it, then it will not rule us. The Web Of Life Group sessions are for those willing to see themselves in everyone and everyone in themselves. Again please read The Articles and Information pages in the Shamanic Counseling section.

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I did the first Web Of Life sessions during our Christmas Soul Journey retreat. We had twelve participants. Six were in the circle created by the other six. Those in the circle laid down with their heads on each others stomach, so there was a strong sense of connection physically and rhymically through the breathe: The Web Of life. After taking everyone into a deep state, the musical selections I had chosen for the first session began to play. Everyone remained in this deep state as I did sessions for the six lying down, selecting different music for each person. Everyone knew when I was working with them, because of the physical contact of my hands on them. Yet what transpired is someone other than I was working on in this human web would actually become the emotional release valve. The journeys flowed from one another with an uncanny connection, so that most were able to experience all the sessions on an intimate level. It was an extraordinary experience for my self as well. Something happens that I can not fully explain. Perhaps there is more of a tribal/ community feeling. A deep bonding occurs in this experience. I have since done a lot of couples and friends, and always recommend it when two or more people see me at the same time. Well, I hope this give you a sense of the experience. If you have further questions please feel free to call me

$145 per person up to 12 people over a two day period

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