Healing Music with Soul Journey CD / Original songs & flute

Healing music for music healing and the Soul Journey Session used for traumas, emotional pain and reconnecting with Self. healing with music

Sacred Healing Music Journey CD's Medicine of One Book

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Sacred Healing Music CD Journey Series

Healing CD for peace and ending the experience of separateness.

Healing music and Journey CD This is a journey of surrender. Give away the things you don't need: What you think you know; Who you think you are: How you think it should be. As in all the Sacred Healing Journeys feel it, be it, taste it, touch it . . . . .the Mystery in me honors the mystery in you . . . . one Great Mystery
'We started out so many years ago
With these crosses on our backs
Followed us around like the shadows of birds
That were never there when we looked back
In the sky, oh why, oh why, oh why
It seems like its gone on for so many centuries
Oh we've collected so much shameful weight
That we can't get through the gate
and see . . . ."
That we are the glory and the kingdom
If we could simply be
The Great Mystery"
From my song "Awake And Sing"

42 minutes

$20.00 shipping included

healing music

Music used for healing combined with a soul journey session

This CD happened through the grace of those who watch out for us and who find their home in the great mystery. I ask for healing for myself and for Chris, who was healing leukemia. My prayer was answered and more. What I received was a gift to all. I did not know this before hand. So it was not done professionally in a studio and has its imperfections as we all do. But I feel it can give great comfort and healing to everyone no matter what problem or dis-ease you struggle with. It is very similar to a shamanic healing session but less personal. It opens and ends with two original flute pieces.

32 minutes

$20 shipping

I am releasing this second Sacred Healing Journey CD because the first one seemed to help those who used it. Hugh, from Canada, used the first one so many times in the car he wore it out. I don't recommend using it in the car. This one is a journey beginning with the memory of the connection to spirit, the loss of it, and the return. Again it was done as a personal session that became relevant to all who walk their path. Go into a deep state and surrender to it. These sessions are never about information but about experiencing. It is about the fall from grace (believing that god has left) the surrender and the return to a state of grace.

35 minutes

$20.00 shipping included

Well, it has been about a year since the last Sacred Healing Journey release. Because the sessions can be very specific to an individual there aren't really very many that qualify to be released and used by others seeking healing, balance, and harmony. This is very different than Healing Journey II but deals with a similar issue. Living in two worlds at the same time
. . . being a gentle loving spirit and having to be in a world where one is surrounded by the fear and the violence of the matrix of this everyday world. It begins with a memory of the beauty of being spirit, the fall and most importantly going through the doorway of fear so that one is delivered from the prison of belief of the terror of living this world.

This Includes two vocals from Have You Got a Vision and a flute selection to
compliment and enhance the session

42 minutes
$20.00 shipping included


Song and Musical Selections

Music is sacred and heals like nothing else. Below are a mixture of Native American chants, original soul journey songs and flute music, narrative history CD's

inspirational musci -The Circle Lives Within Us
-Wolf Spirit
-I Stand Beneath The sky
-Arizona Arizona
-I Am My Soul
-From The Darkness Comes The Light
-Sweet Wings
-Have You got A Vision
And many more

These are soul journey songs. This is my favorite music CD. songs of awareness inspiration and healing.

74 minutes
$20.00 shipping Included

Native American Flute Music

Little Star I wonder
Way Down In The Valley
Celtic Roots
Mandan Walk
I send Out A Familiar Song
Falls Answer Suzanna
The Hump Back Stomp
Kokopeli Taps
Darling In The Forest
Mocking Bird Plays
With Snake
Amazing Grace It Is
Shaman's Delight
Star Echoes

All flute. Peaceful haunting, healing,and even playful in places, echoing with many cultures

.70 minutes
$20.00 shipping included

Healing music and CD's
Amazing Grace It Is
Amazing Grace
Riding the Rails
Arizona Arizona
I am The Eagle
Wolf Spirit
Kick Back And Relax
I"I'm The Great Blue Heron
Have You Got a Vision
Way Down In The Valley
Desert Pete
Cool Water
I walk In Beauty
It Spoke To Me
I Reach Up In the Sky
Awake And Sing
The Circle Lives Within Us
Star Echoes *

This is my most popular CD for those who ride the Verde Canyon Railroad. It has original poems for the Eagle and Heron, my love song to Arizona, three flute pieces, many of my original songs and some old favorites like Cool Water.
72 minutes $20.00 shipping included

Narrative with song and flute Audio CD

Sedona narration

"A weaving of geological and human history, myth and legend into a soaring, lyrical narrative Of Sedona, Jerome and the entire Verde Valley. This is an hour and a half of Clay's informed love and passion for this magical land. If you are looking for an inspired and insightful introduction to this area don't miss this one!"

Sedona / Verde Valley narrative with flute and songs:
Arizona Arizona Amazing Grace
I walk In Beauty
Ancestral Echoes
Talking Wind


90 minutes Audio CD.
This is not DVD!
$20.00 shipping


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"Since the beginning of recorded history, music has played a significant role in the healing of our world. Music and healing were communal activities that were natural to everyone. In ancient Greece, Apollo was both the god of music and medicine. Ancient Greeks said, "Music is an art imbued with power to penetrate into the very depths of the soul." These beliefs were shared through their Doctrine of Ethos. In the mystery schools of Egypt and Greece, healing and sound were considered a highly developed sacred science. Pythagoras, one of the wise teachers in ancient Greece, knew how to work with sound. He taught his students how certain musical chords and melodies produce definite responses within the human organism. He demonstrated that the right sequence of sounds, played musically on an instrument, could actually change behavior patterns and accelerate the healing process." click on the link for full article
Healing and Music .