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Sedona Shamanic Journey

by Clay Miller

Shamanic journey loosely describes the counseling and healing work that I do. But, I used it in the beginning, years ago,for want of a more appropriate description. As a counsel there are wisdom teachings for self knowledge and soul insight, for the practice of presence, a spiritual path to incorporate into one's daily life. It is that over used term of being in the moment. which means embracing what is in the moment whether it feels good or not. This is what it means to be in the moment. Something you practice but don't necessarily succeed at. Being in the moment is often being aware of when you in fact are not or can not be in the moment that is presenting itself. Practice is a good word here for it implies neither good nor bad, success or failure, just practice.

So in this sense there is counseling going on before and after the actual session. For the work itself, the soul dreaming session, the word counseling is incorrect. In spite of the fact that a lot of counseling goes on. But that counseling is to establish the groundwork, to facilitate the reclaiming or inspiration of one's disowned soul. It's counseling in the development of presence so that the musical notes of the soul will not inadvertently drift off into space in the face of some new traumatic event. It is also an empowerment so that one can reclaim themselves on a daily basis simply by practicing presence (see section, "More About: Presence").

The core of the Work is I believe beyond opinion and interpretation. It's preverbal, even though I'm verbalizing. Now there's a paradox and a contradiction. Read on if you wish to be further confused. One of the principal components of the development of presence is becoming. And this is precisely what I am doing when I am working with someone. I become the mythic landscape of their soul. I let the tension, contraction, battle live in my own body. I let it speak through my body and voice. I am a resonator of their repressed inner life. I cry, I scream, I yell, I collapse under the weight of suppression. I become a living holographic mirror of the soul's pathology which is played out in dynamic images reflective of myth, past lives, fairy tales, childhood traumas. There are no limitations or structure. Other than I usually contact the place of contraction by feeling the emotional images, allow the drama to unfold and complete itself with the intention for the spiral to unwind and expand and give the individual the experience of non-separation and connectedness.

Once the session is done I may very well give you some of my impressions and insights from having lived this experience through with you. But no matter what point of view the dream is seen from it is one of many and it will ultimately escape the definitions of the mind. Rather than interpret the dream, let the dream interpret you. Become it and thereby understand it. So much of the actual counsel is about how to experience the session as it is happening and the time that follows so that it can work its magic on you.


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