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" Everyone breathes with the breath of the Great Mystery; each one a mystery within the whole mystery, a body within a soul, a knowing in
contact with all knowing. Herein sits the true importance."
spiritual advice prayers discussion "Peace means loyal to self. Any peace whether between two persons, two tribes, two nations, means loyalty to one's self. The big Self that loves all things and sees its self as related to all things both human and creature. And loyalty to this self means the good I wish for myself I wish for all others. So never a gap between thought, speech, and action. All springs forth from the beauty that I am. And this beauty is peace."

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Answers and Spiritual advice to questions from Soul Journey participants:


Most depression is suppression. It is a self disownment, which is really self-hate. One doesn't really lose pieces of the soul as much as block its expression. Think of it as a melody, and you block some of the notes. Every time you turn your back on your feelings no matter what they are you are blocking notes. At some point you have blocked so much of your own soulful music, you've got no juice, no life force, no energy, no fire . . . and what might start as a mental depression becomes a physical depression. So yes, the work that I do goes right to the heart of this. But it is your day to day choice to reclaim your emotional energies, by feeling them, that is of critical importance. Nobody can make this choice for you. I do not believe that soul intrusion occurs unless you are in a self inflicted soul blocked state. When you are in a soul filled state you are generating enough light that you are protected. There are many forms of depression. And everybody experiences depressed states. Nobody can save you from chronic depression. Your soul is just knocking at your door asking you to wake up. So yes I can work with you on this. Give you a ;jump start so to speak. But it is more of a commitment to a new way of life, than a quick fix.

Arizona is like a person who carries the resonance of ancient soul mate walking into your life. It awakens the longing for that connection. This happens to people who are seeking. But they stop short and think that they have found what they are seeking in this person. The person can reciprocate or not. If not there is pain for the seeker, and they associate their pain with the person who is not giving them what they want. But the person has nothing to do with their pain, because it is ancient pain and longing wanting to come into the light. Arizona is a land that resonates with your soul, something in you is deeply familiar with it, it awakens your longing. Use it to CARRY YOU EVEN DEEPER INTO THE HEART OF YOUR LONGING, A PRIMORDIAL LONGING, BEYOND A PLACE, BEYOND A PERSON, BEYOND DEFINITION. Use your writing to take you into this world of feeling, where all forgotten feelings await your acceptance and love, where you may also discover anger and bitterness and grief. It matters not. They are all the wondrous music of your soul knocking at your door. This does not diminish your connection the Arizona, but it may allow you to arrive home before you come back here. Your longing awakens into the Circle of Great Belonging.


Whatever happens in the world that causes us to feel our pain is not the creator or source of that pain. There are no victims. Your friends, it appears are trying to make you responsible for their pain that this situation is making them feel. Perhaps both sides are polarized in their own position. The bottom line is fear, and do not blame others for our pain we actively heal ourselves and the world, no matter what the issue, no matter whether it is between two people, or two nations. Your friends perceive your actions through their pain. No two people look at the world in the same way. Betrayal is a dramatic form of abandonment. That is how it is interpreted by those who are betrayed. How do you let your pain move through you. First you don't blame anything outside of yourself for your feelings. No one is responsible for another persons feelings, or should I say reactions. so in fact your friends are not responsible for your hurt. So you take responsibility for your own feelings. If you don't there will be no healing. You honor your feelings. Yes,something in me is frightened and angry. And I allow my body to feel this but I do not let it own me. I own it. I breathe into it. Breathing into it and owning it is how you let it pass through you. The more you practice the more it will just pass through you. this is not something you learn in ten minutes it is a way of being in the world, it is developing true presence. It is so simple yet so difficult for the mind to grasp. Go to the library or bookstore and look for books where Buddhism and psychology come together. This is a path not a quick fix.

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