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Here are just a few of the wonderful testimonials from the shamanic counseling and healing soul journey sessions and land jouorneys. Cick here for the most recent client comment. I am constantly humbled. In no way do I take credit for the gifts that people receive. I am thankful that I can be a guide, medium, witness and receiver, guide. Clay Miller

D. Nelson, Los Angeles, CA

"I've got to admit I wouldn't have gone to see Clay if I hadn't of been sick for a month. I don't get sick. It was bad, and I felt like I was getting worsed instead of better. I couldn't breathe. I was coughing all the time. But I knew it was about something else. It's been feeling kind of purposeless. I liked my job but it didn't have any meaning for me any more. I felt like I was just drifting. The session was powerful. Like watching a movie of my deepest inner life and having the energy of it injected into me. I got to see and feel the place I had been hung up for who knows how long. But on top of that I was taken to a place or space or experience of feeling connected and energized. Clay had told me before the session began that it was important to go through the doorway of that hung up place, to really let myself feel. He was right. By the time I got to the expansive part, I was ready to let it in. Or as he put it "to become it." When the session was done, I felt better than I had in months and something shifted that I just can't put my finger on."

Kay, Sedona, Arizona

"My soul journey work with Clay was gentle but powerfully effective--he catalyzed more positive change in my life in a few sessions than 15 years of other types of personal growth work. I no longer mask my pain & longing with compulsive busy-ness or over eating. I have lost emotional and physical weight. My awareness is heightened , I have more energy and clarity of mind . Even though I have been on a profound path of spiritual awareness for over 20 years, now I feel like I have so much more connection to my own soul. It is as if before the emotional static was jamming my frequency. I find that now that I have the will and courage to go into my pain and suffering as it arises, to feel it to its depths, and then on the other side I find a greater range of feelings and creativity. I truly know now what that saying means that on the other side of your shadow is your power! And he keeps prodding me to go deeper--this week I finally was able to feel the rage of abandonment that was hiding under my suffering. I don't even know the source, but it is ancient and deep core level stuff that had actually become like a demonic energy. He voiced that rage and I was able to take it in and bust loose this major block. Clients and friends who have not seen me for awhile are great markers of my growth--they keep remarking on the radiance, confidence and greater willingness to reveal myself. They are astounded at the change, the new openness! And dear God, I am feeling more free every day as the self-hatred is identified as it arises and consciously flowed through me rather than driving me on an unconscious level."

S.P., Cottonwood, Arizona

"Over a period of eight weekly sessions with Clay, he worked with me to retrieve missing pieces of my soul, split off during traumas in my life, leading me from a pain-scattered, disconnected, partial awareness of the life I was leading, to a grounded, centered, full presence--lifting a veil of self-doubt and self-criticism that had haunted me through my life in the form of guilt, anger, sadness, worry and regret."

Leoni Welgus Byron Bay, Australia.

"Dear Clay, you may not clearly remember me, but I wanted to write and say thank you again for the amazing session I did with you. I came and saw you in May of this year with my freind Carol and you tapped into my issues of feeling isolated and cut off from people, something I have tried to deal with in many different ways. I feel I have been processing that session with you for the last six months and profound changes have taken place in that time. I feel I am finally moving ahead on an inner level and there have been huge changes in my daily life, for the better of course. I still can't bring myself to listen to the tape! Its was so powerful. I guess I will when I am ready. Anyway, Clay thank you, thank you, thank you for the wonderful effect you have had on my life."

Valerie, Connecticut

IÔl"Since I have been home, I have listened to what you are telling me in my mind. ÊWait no more, wait no more, wait no more has now become awake and sing, awake and sing, awake and sing. ÊIÕm progressing because I have dealt with the wait no more- life is too short, so IÕve done exactly what I needed to do and now you are telling me to awake and sing. ÊI do that with so much gratitude and love for you. ÊI truly thank you for giving me such a gift. ÊI can continue on my journey and I am not stuck anymore. You are very kind and a gentle soul. IÔll tell you that your hands on me was one of the most powerful sensations I have felt. ÊIt was almost overwhelming. ÊI remember a sensation of very warm calmness, thatÕs as close as I can describe it. As IÕve said, you have really opened me up. ÊI have such great joy that I can breathe deeply, true joy. ÊMy spirit is so alive now Ð that which I had searched for."

Alecia Pescia, Prescott, Arizona

lHi Clay,

I don't know if you remember me. I saw youÊa week ago or so. My name is Alex or Open Heart as you named me. I wanted you to know that the experience I had with you was very powerful and life changing for me. I have made some very big changes in my life since our meeting. I am interested in seeing you again. What do you suggest? I am going away a lot this summer but in the fall would be perfect. I also have two girl friends (maybe three) that want to get together with you and do a soul journey. What would that look like and what would it cost? I am endlessly grateful to you.

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