Sedona Medicine Wheel Pictures
Sedona medicne wheel pictures
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Sedona Medicine Wheel Pictures

schnebly hill
Bear Wallow Canyon

Boynton Canyon

This is the only photo I have of the Schnebly hill Rd. / Bearwallow Canyon circle. It was originally built during the harmonic convergence in 1987. Until the early 90's it was much more substantial. The forest service tore it apart. It was later rebuilt the way you see it in the picture. Today it does not exist. Why? The forest service. Personally I feel, as many do, that this is one of the more powerful vortex areas. It is more remote and undisturbed. No highways no airplanes etc. To My knowledge the bottom location is no longer in existence either.


Bighorn Mountains
Fenced in by the forest service
Below is a piece written about the Bighorn sacred site. Go here to view the full ariticle with photos.

It was white men (discovering it at the end of the 19th century) who named it "Medicine Wheel," terminology they applied to anything Indian observed or told them they didn't understand. White men of the Sheridan Chamber of Commerce -- particularly as tourism in the Bighorn National Forest got underway as economically significant to the town -- made a huge mystery of it, and ignored the fact that there are at least 40 other circles on the high plains (mostly in Canada), as well as some sites far removed, both spatially and culturally.

One of these (Cahokia in Ohio) has been called "An American Woodhenge" because of similar astronomical sightings from a large circle of postholes, all that remains. The "-henge" and the interest of astronomers in solar, lunar and star sighting relationships, comes from a 1960's analysis of the famous Stonehenge in England. In the late 1960's British astronomer G.S. Hawkins showed with astronomical computations that the ancient circle of huge megaliths was a solar-lunar and stellar analog computer made by pre-historic Celtic tribespeople. This gave Eddy, then an astronomer (whose speciality was the sun) at the High Altitude Observatory at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, near Boulder, Colorado, the idea to make an exact survey of the Bighorn site, and observations and computations following the methods used by Hawkins. To see if the rocks, the mountain, sun, stars and the spatial directions could tell us something people have long forgotten. He found that they could, that nature itself speaks to those who know how to interpret, via astronomy, geometry, and mathematics. Generally, the methods used -- at least until the excitement this discovery occasioned -- are not known to anthros.

The ancient geology of the Mountain has formed a very special place, perhaps unique in all the world. Regardless of when the circle was built up there, there is every likelihood it has always been sacred to Native peoples, because its special character, an acient sacredness long predating the existence of humankind and even animals, can be felt. That's probably why the circle was built there, actually.

Tourist desecrations might have been worse, probably would have been, except for years of determined protective efforts by the MedicineWheel Alliance, an organization that got its start through the Northern Cheyenne Cultural Commission. In 1988, the Forest Service made a developmental proposal for the wheel, which was protested by people from Northern Cheyenne, Crow, Arapaho, Sioux, and Blackfeet tribes, who later formed the protective organization.

Anthros seem mainly to have asked the Crow about the site (their reservation in Montana is nearest, and there is a small, damaged site near Fort Smith on their present rez land), Northern Cheyenne may know more about it. The spot l figures in an unsuccessful treaty-based land claim filed by the Northern Cheyenne in 1929, just inside (its shoulder precipice forming part of) the boundary of land including the Bighorns and Powder River country they maintained the U.S. took illegally).

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