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Psychic Soul Reading / Healing
by Phone / Remote-Long Distance

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I have had many request for the
Shamanic psychic soul reading by phone from people unable to visit Sedona, long distance sessions. Many who are called can not make it to the beautiful Sedona and outlying area. I would highly suggest you read the interview if you have not already. This is the best description of my hands on work whose principles will be the foundation of the long distance work. This is not a quick fix for someone in a spiritual / emotional crisis. It is also not recommended for someone who is seriously depressed. It is a feeling experience. And the inability to feel will negate any possible benefit.

* Please note. Its best to set this up first by phone. For the most part I am only doing the phone session with people I have worked with before unless I feel confident that the client will be able to receive and integrate the session.


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How will we do it?

On a logistic level here is how it works: We pick a time for you to call me. You will need a set of head phones or a descent speaker phone so that you can lie down. The last person used a speaker phone and it seemed to work as well as could be expected. I start out with a discussion of the session: What we will be doing and how you can get the most out of it. I lead you into a deeper state. Then I start the session. All of this is taped while I am encouraging you to experience it. But the taped version maybe the best way to work with it because the resonance in my voice will be the clearest and most dynamic. I have been including music in the taped version. You will not hear it on the phone though as it would be distracting.You will also not hear your own voice. This tape is sent for you to work with on your own, to help move you into this dream time world of emotion and image so that you can feel all the textures, all that you are. The cost of the session is $165. slightly more than in person because it is a lot more work for me.
I ask that people send me a check with a picture. We usually decide through the e-mail on the time. I am inclined at this point to include a short follow up on the phone for an additional $30. About 20 minutes. This would be at least two weeks later. I can do it without this but my intention is to have it work for people. And I think just a little extra coaching is helpful. You must understand that the long distance session is different and requires more from you. There is no replacement for having my hands on a persons body in helping to anchor and move the person into the experience. Some will benefit more from the real time phone experience. Others in working with the tape. At this point I believe in it enough to recommend it to those interested. For some who may feel more comfortable in their own surroundings it could have more immediate impact then being here in person. After the session we talk and I share my impressions. With those who I have worked with already the introductory time on the phone in the beginning is shorter.

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