Patty's email continued . . .

Excuse me, I just lost myself in an altered stream of consciousness. One that took me back to that moment. Clay, I can honestly say have changed and I am not sure of the vastness of it quite yet, because things are changing daily. All I know is that I feel a calm gentility I have never felt. Your gentility... Your "To Give Peace". Most welcome is that others around me have already commented on that very same thing. They see it. They feel it. They say I have a serenity I did not have before and that I speak from a much more centered place. I am more sated. And it doesn't feel temporary. (What DID you DO????) They are interested to see how my own healing work will change as a result of your work. So am I! I wonder how the energy will shift.

A new type of “drive” has also shifted into gear that I know will accelerate my path to “freedom”. There is a new focus in place that was not there before in the same way. Before I used to have to “focus” when and if I wanted (the operable word). Now the focus is there, seemingly with a life of its own, and I step in when I want to engage and utilize it. It is an interesting phenomenon that I have not experienced before. Very powerful!!!

I know I felt different after the very first Soul Dreaming Session. I am not sure how the following three days shifted me, but I know they did and I find it intriguing that it did so much in its seeming simplicity. Your connection with spirit is apparent and I am most grateful that you share it with so many in this manner of service. It was confirming and comforting that you picked up on the “imprisoned” energy as well as the Druid. And who can forget “Tombstone”? All so necessarily cathartic... I continue to replay the CD's you gave me, each time with new awareness. The tears have finally subsided at least... I played the CD of my session for a psychotherapist friend of mine and I said, “THAT’S how my mind is. Clay tapped into it and every word he is saying is speaking my mind literally, word for word. Both what I say and how I say it. He has even picked up that kind of confused stuttering that I do. That’s the chaotic spinning that happens when I can’t get my mind off something and can’t find my way out.” She said “Oh, my God!” It was something I could never explain to her fully and something she has had a hard time believing even in my telling.

The most amazing thing I think I have experienced is that the mind chatter has all but stopped and my ability to hear negative things or experience stress without it draining me has increased. I have increasingly become able to “give it up to the earth to heal with a sigh.” It was funny when you told me I had to sing a song in the sacred circle and my mind went totally blank. I wondered then if you actually shut it off because I was b-l-a-n-k! It was not until I returned home that I realized I knew “Love Street” and “Me and Bobby McGee”. And so what does the latter say? “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.” I guess that is why spirit served me up “Jingle Bells”. It has brought me a lot of joy ultimately and those who I have told feel it perfectly captured the humor with which spirit often plays with me.

And yes, I think I shall venture forward to taking voice lessons or voice therapy or something so I can sing you a song some day, other than “Jingle Bells” - although there was an innocent simplicity to that, was not there? I think I will rewrite that as you suggested.

Another important thing that changed is that my ability, desire rather, to trust my “intuition” has increased exponentially. Thank you for creating an experience that supported and honored that. (I do admit that I caught myself a couple of times having the proverbial mind-heart mega-battle, not being able to decipher the two voices and just shutting down like a fried hard-drive...)

Thank you, also, for gently leading me higher and higher as we climbed to the sacred circles. Clay, your peaceful strength, confidence and tremendous patience overwhelmed and assuaged my doubt and fear that I could climb as high as I did. Actually, it wasn’t about fear of climbing after all, was it...? There are few people I know who have been able to earn my trust so quickly. Thank you.

I absolutely LOVED (with all capital letters) your beautiful voice and soulful songs of spirit and land. Thank you for providing just the right song at the right time as part of my healing. As you know, I was deeply touched especially with my favorite “I’m Searching For the Slip Stream”. There is something about it that speaks directly to the core of my soul and to the “freedom” I honored in the center of the Sacred Circle. I wish I would have known the sing-a-long song, though. I subsequently found the words so as not to get caught out of the know again.

I also bought Frank Waters’ Hopi book as you suggested and can’t wait to read it, wondering if I will resonate to anything in it in particular. This weekend I am going to visit my brother in Washington DC and I am looking at it as an opportunity to hopefully go to the National Indian Museum to see if there are any more pieces of the puzzle I can put together. I haven't been there for 15 years so I think it is no coincidence.

Not only am I planning on returning, but also friends of mine who see the change and have heard me describe the power of your work want to come to experience the same shift with you as their guide.

Thank you, Clay, ever so much. Truly, thank you and may you continue to be blessed in the way you have blessed me. I am looking forward to walking closer...inching my way ever so my “soft side”. My heart is filled with a profound sense of gratitude. Thank you.

With utmost sincerity,

Patty Kay Hall
Ha P Kay China
Happy Kachina (the newest morphing)

Photos on the way ...