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Arizona Earth Energies: Opening the heart to the Five Elements in High Desert

Gateway To The Canyon of Holy Beings

Arizona is a land of great space and earth energies where the soul journeys in the presence of all the elements of Air, earth, fire, and water . . .. and yes space, inviting us to open our hearts to the vastness. In some form these elements are present within us and all around us at all times. The human body on an atomic level is mostly space. When we gaze up at the day or night sky we see mostly space. The picture above is the gateway through which I first entered this valley. It was a journey into the air made visible in clouds, the ancient lake bed of the valley floor, the sand dune red cliffs, the volcanic mountains, the five creeks and river that bless the land, all bequeathed to countless days of firey sun, all embraced and held by the medicine wheel of space. All of us have affinities to the elements in a unique way that is the sacredness of who we are. But ultimately who we are is the heart space that holds the other four where there are no definitions, no boundaries, no separation And in an ancient land of an ancient people we taste the ancient oneness that we are.

Opening to the elements is opening to ourselves. The medicine wheel is a great tool to bring into our awareness what is missing in our elemental being. Do we live too much in the airy world of mind? Are we constantly thrown about by the turbulent waters of emotion? Do we escape into the spirit-sun. Is all of attention absorbed by the earthy body and material considerations. And what have we disowned in the dance of who we are? I could easily be talking about the shamanic sessions that I do for people. Because in the end there is no difference between the inner and outer. This is why I always encourage people who come for healing sessions, to take a journey with me on this spacious land to remind them to connect with the spirit of the elements that appears to be around and outside them, but is truly within them.

Where will we go? What will we do? What can you expect? The pictures throughout my site give you glimpses of some of the dozens of possibilities. Please understand that these explorations of what seem different journeys are different ways for you to get to know me through my written voice expressing what is meaningful to me. People frequently express that they are unable to choose which journey is right for them. The journey that is right for you will unfold from the moment of our meeting. The important thing is to reserve the time. It is always my intent to serve your intent, to align myself with what is moving inside of you at that moment. When there are more than one person this means the combined intent of all. My journeys are about listening and going where we need to go and doing what we need to do that will serve you in your greater journey. Each place is a doorway. And on the journey I will share my ways of going through the doorway, through music song, prayer, and quiet and the love that I have for this spacious land.
Keep in mind that all my offered experiences are private.

4 - 5 hours

$135 per person (3 or more people)

$175 per person (2 people)

$300 (one person)

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