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Coming To The Center

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Sedona Medicine wheels and Circles are sacred places for balancing and healing where the silence of the great mystery ripples forth like a pebble dropped in the water of your being. They have the power to awaken our ancestral memories of other circles in other times, and ultimately, the first memory of oneness. Most of these sites were created in recent times. If the ancient ones here made them man and the land took them back perhaps to be rediscovered in the present. These are all spiritual doorways. I have found they can have as profound an impact on people as any of the publicized vortices.These sites are anchored in the rhythms of the surrounding land.The land whispered "build it and they will come". They, meaning: the Holy Beings. The web of life is a circle that extends into all directions. The Circle of One is seen in the heavens above and in the movement of life around us. It is within and without and nowhere in particular. I share the essence of what the circle is to me in The Medicine Of One book.





Coming to the center can be a deeply healing experience . . . or it can quite simply be an experience that is created by your action of Gathering Soul Medicine and bringing it into the circle. I offer the Gathering Soul Medicine experience in my home as well, but the power to transform is far greater with the help of these loving circles on the earth. It is impossible to capture in photos the grace that is present. It is most often where I begin with Bare Bones Intensive retreat, and in fact this intensive bears the name Coming to the Center as well . There are several of these Circles of Stone and Power. Each embracing us in a different way. One is full of fire and carries you up into the sky, inspires you beyond the limits of your small circle of power. The other gently lands you on the earth and lovingly grounds you as you expand the borders of who you think you are. While still another blesses you with a great breath of the deepest peace. These circles did not create the power of this place. The place demanded the presence of the Circle , of this mirror of the web, the circle of the Infinite Mystery. " True Medicine" is that which brings back balance and harmony. This coming to the center is not a fixed thing, but a dance with the directions of human expression: Mind, Body, Spirit, Emotion. We are the dancing soul at the center. Each of us is a web within the web, a wheel within the wheel. We have the potential to bring all things together. We walk on this land and sink our roots into the earth and we reach up into the sky and become the sun. This journey is for those who want to go a little bit deeper in experiencing this great circle within and without. It is about discovering a personal relationship with the elements of sky and earth as a presence where they come together in us. This Coming to The center is the movement of opening, of loving all that you are and have ever been as the sky loves all that moves through it. Please do read the Gathering Soul Medicine page to glimpse more of what is possible.
Keep in mind that all my offered experiences are private. They are tailored to your interests and needs. We surrender to the agenda that awaits.
3 1/2 - 5 hours
$165.00 per person with two People
$125 with 3-6 People
$285.00 for single person

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