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Out in the West Canyons. Showing part of Red Canyon. Right below the formation in the foreground is a spectacular ruins called Palatki. Visit the Forestry service office for directions. Structures dating from the 12th century and a lot of great Rock art. Out in these canyons is where you will find the heart of this land.

Sedona Arizona Newa ge and Self- discovery

Sedona Arizona / The World New age and Self Discoverey



Some words ar About the Area by Stacey Thieme:sacred

Set in the high desert mountains of Northern AZ, This land is a magical wonderland of red rock monoliths, rolling desert land, and the grandest view of heaven you can imagine. It carries the memories of long ago civilizations that left behind their footprints in the red earth and their prayers in sacred places. A mecca of healing, Sedona is a place of spiritual energies where we can surrender to Creator and receive the gifts of the Spirit and earth.

Sacred Mesa
is a special land of sacred energies, a gift of the earth. It resonates with ancient echoes of prayer in its limestone outcroppings and old junipers. As a heartstone at the center of the surrounding red canyon walls and lush, rolling mountains , it stands as a sentinel, ready to gift us with its breath of life.

When I first walked the earth of Sacred Mesa, I could instantly feel what a sacred place it truly is. And I knew that I would become the next caretaker of this 20-acre sensuous land that somehow seems a guardian to the forest wilderness that surrounds it. Its 360-degree views greet the uplifted arms of sunrise over the red rock buttes and it bows gently to the setting sun over Mingus Mountain. It is a place of healing, prayer and vision. And it is my vision to illuminate the pathways of the Sacred Mesa within us all.

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