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Below you will find some Sedona Arizona attractions. It makes a great base for activites to all of Northern AZ. If you are looking for a spiritual or scenic tour that is more off the beaten track just click on the star

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Ahh . . .One of my favorite places in the red rocks . The hike to the top of this butte is like no other. There are archeological sites and rock art all over it. About ten years ago a helicopter was flying by a cavern near here, the sun was shining in at just the right angle and low and behold, a five gallon ceramic pot completely in tact. Sorry . . . . this one remains a secret



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Cultural Park

Less than six months after the updated Community Plan was approved by residents, a major amendment to the plan has been requested.
On July 15, the Cultural Park filed a request to change the Community Plan zoning designation from “Public/Semi-public” to “Planned Area,” to allow for lodging and restaurant uses and other changes to the park’s master plan that are not consistent with the current Community Plan zoning designation.
A two-thirds majority vote of the City Council is required to approve a major amendment to the plan.
In addition, state law requires the city to conduct public hearings on major amendment applications annually.
The process for the amendment will begin in October with the Planning and Zoning Commission’s recommendation to the council, which will then decide whether to approve the amendment request.
“ If that is successful, then they will have to come back with the site plan details,” said John O’Brien, director of community development.
O’Brien said that city staff will be reviewing the Cultural Park’s amendment requests within the next week.
The Planning and Zoning Commission will then make recommendations and a decision on the site plans before it goes back to the council a second time for final approval.
Included in the amendment request by the Cultural Park are plans for a hotel, expansion of the Yavapai College campus, a restaurant, reorganization of the parking lots, relocation of the sculpture garden and a monument sign.
Alan Horton, executive director of the Cultural Park, said none of the proposed amendments stand by themselves.
Although a performing arts facility has been a part of the park’s master plan, Horton said provisions to allow for a conference center have been included in the request.
Horton said that having a conference center and a performing arts center, as well as an expanded Yavapai College campus, would increase the need for both a lodging facility and a restaurant.
“ That’s the genesis of this,” he said.
Horton said he sees many potential benefits to the park if the amendment is approved.
“ What this will allow the park to do is to adequately serve both its mission and the patrons of the Cultural Park,” Horton said. “We have long realized that we need to revisit our plan once we operated for a few years.”
As a requirement under the amendment process, the Cultural Park must gather input from its neighbors, and, according to Horton, the park intends to pursue a community-involved process.
“ We’re going to make sure that we’ve addressed any of the concerns of our neighbors,” Horton said. “We’re very open to involving residents in the process.”
On Aug. 20, a public open house will be held at the Cultural Park to present plans and answer questions.
As time changes, so do master plans.
“ This is not a radical departure from the original plan of the park by any means,” Horton said.
“ Instead, it’s just an evolution of some of those ideas.”
The amendment is scheduled to come before the council in November.

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