Sedona Arizona
Red Rocks & Vortex A Bird's Eye view

bird's eye view of Sedona Airzona

bell rock
Okay A Bird's eye view of Sedona Arizona's Red Rocks / vortex. Bell rock, on the left, is officially considered one of the Vortices. Court house, on the right, you might say is an unofficial vortex. People tend to fixate on four areas, but there are power spots all over the greater area. For some of the natives they are Holy Beings, and each one carries its own unique presence. So explore the whole Verde Valley and let your own inner voice guide you to the place you need to be. This is truly a magical land. A kind of heart opener, if you will. So whether you are just here to relax or on a pilgrimage, open your heart..


This is the Schnebly formation looking from the Mogollon rim to the West. There is a great road that you can drive on called Schnebly Hill Road. Its named after on of the original founders of Sedona. Its a great road for rental cars but I don't suggest you take your Lexus or Mercedes Benz on this drive. By the way the layers of red rock that you see in most of the pictures is also called Schnebly formation. These were sand dunes next to the beach about two hundred and seventy million years ago.
red canyon



You are looking down on one of the fancier resorts, Enchantment, in Boynton Canyon. This is also one of the official vortex areas. Forgive me if I pull my tongue from my cheek. Not because I do not honor and acknowledge the presence of Sacred places and Power Spots on the earth, but because of the investment that some people have in a certain set of beliefs about them. Go there, feel it, let it love you . . . .



Out in the West Canyons Showing part of Red Canyon. Right below the formation in the foreground is a spectacular ruins called Palatki. Visit the Forestry service office for directions. Structures dating from the 12th century and a lot of great Rock art. Out in these canyons is where you will find the heart of this place. More aerial shots.
palatki photo
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"There are so many red rock hikes, canyons and jeep roads to explore the stunning red rock formations that tower in all directions. This is also popular for the four vortexes that are said to provide spiritual energy to those who believe in such and seek it. And the town, of course is loaded with metaphysical bookstores, selling crystals and alike, with spiritual teachers often coming to do classes and workshops. Unfortunately, the beauty has brought a great deal of development with houses and strip malls every where, and more so every time I return. Unfortunately that is true for so many places that offer so much beauty and recreation. " A visitor

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