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Sedona Arizona Pictures / Photos: Coffee Pot Cathedral, Schnebly Hill

Sedona Arizona pictures / photos,

Here are some Sedona Arizona photos Pictures and Information that you might enjoy. Most of my journeys and tourdescriptions are in the greater area of this wonderous valley. The soul of this place is not to be found in the town. It is in the ancient land that is full of the presence of the Holy Beings. You may think you have come on here just to vacation and discover at some point that something has happened, something magical. You go back home and two weeks later you are selling your house. Your moving to a land that has called your soul. You know its not rational. But then the call did not come from your rational mind. blessed journeys if this should happen to you.

cathedral rock
A place to relax, contemplate and feel. Surrounded not only by the ancient history of the earth but the spirit of the ancient people who lived here over a thousand years ago. Cathedral rock is on the left. In the center a man and woman stand back to back as a force of balance at the core of this most photographed formation. technically it is a butte. a French word that means mound.


This is not Sedona proper, but is one of the views from my tours, looking towards Sycamore Canyon wilderness (The Little Grand Canyon). The San Francisco peaks in the background are called by the Navajos "light always glitters on top". They are also the home of the Kachina Spirits for the Hopi indians.
  The Tribal Council. . . For many of the Indians, individual formations have a presence about them that comes from the inner form, what the Navajos call Biistin, "those who stand within".
tribal council
  I have lived in this area for fifteen years and it takes my breath away every morning I get up and throughout the day. It's like being inside of a painting. Schnebly hill


Yet one must be careful not to be deceived by the glamour of what looks like hollywood backdrops. Driving into this splendor is like a shot of caffeine in the heart. It is easy to become addicted to this rush of feeling. The true power lies in the subtler feelings and sometimes less dramatic places. These hot place, (Australian aborigine name) can be missed unless your sensors are out like a dowser searching for water.


The Hopi believe the clouds are their ancestors. When we get these wonderful summer storm clouds you can see the rain pouring out of the sky, which for the Navajos reminds them of when they use to let their hair down when praying for rain

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