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Jerome Arizona
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Jerome Arizona sightseeing & tourism

Living in Jerome and looking out across the valley is really more of the experience of Jerome. Pictures of Jerome itself do not capture the spirit of the place. I live in Jerome and these views are similar to what I see from my porch. They actually call my place the Eagle's nest. So it is an experience of sky and the vastness of the earth.


This is a view from Jerome, looking back across the Verde Valley to the cliffs of Sedona.
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Travel a little ways out past Jerome on the Iron Horse Expedition, and this is what you will see: Sycamore Canyon wilderness area (The Little Grand Canyon) and the Sacred Peaks in the background


Okay. Here's a picture of Jerome. Three thousand feet above the Verde Valley. Nobody would have ever attempted such a feat, if not for the presence of copper and a little bit of gold and silver.


Well, I don't know if I would want to live in this house. In fact, I haven't looked lately but it may not even be standing as I write this. Jerome sits on top of 88 miles of tunnels. Most of the houses have a differential between the front and back of the house of more than twenty feet. So you frequently park and walk into the top floor of a three story building.
Local places and activities
Scenic & Educational Expeditions
Located in Clarkdale. The Verde Canyon Railroad is a renovated New York Metro Line train. It carries passengers on a 40-mile round trip through cottonwood forests and around the base of a desert mesa. The area's sheltered ecosystem is home to bald eagles, great blue herons, deer and javelina. 928-638-0010 or 800-293-RAIL.
Historic Old Town - Cottonwood
A quaint old town is in downtown Cottonwood, Historic Old Town allows visitors to experience the atmosphere of an old western downtown street, including high sidewalks and false-fronted buildings. Contact the Old Town Association for more information. 928-634-9468
Blazin' M Ranch
Complement your day's activities with a delicious, all-you-can-eat chuckwagon supper on the banks of the Verde River. After supper, sit back and let the Blazin' M Cowboys entertain you with their "rip-roaring" family-oriented Western stage show. Come early so you can visit their Old West town that includes unique gift shops and Western activities. Dont forget the Wild West Wooden Gallery.
Just two miles north of the Town of Cottonwood, Clarkdale was named after William Clark who created a mining empire in the early 1900s and claimed the town as his home. The tree lined streets and brick homes give visitors a sense of the past.
Located near Clarkdale, on the slopes of the Cleopatra Hill, the town of Jerome once boasted a roaring mining camp. The discovery of copper, silver and gold lured fortune seekers, exploding the population to nearly 15,000. Following the pattern of many western mining towns, Jerome became a virtual ghost town almost overnight. Today visitors can explore winding cobblestone streets and stairways, visit gift shops, eateries and an art and wine museum. Call the Jerome Chamber of Commerce for more information at 928-634-2900.
Jerome State Park
Located in Jerome, the Mansion displays the complete mining history of Jerome and the Verde Valley.
Tuzigoot National Monument
Located 20 miles east of Cottonwood. Hilltop Peublos occupied by prehistoric Indians are safeguarded within this National Monument. The 100-room pueblo housed 250 people between the 12th and 15th centuries. 928-634-5564
Camp Verde/Fort Verde State Park
East of Cottonwood, Camp Verde was established in 1865 to protect the settlers from Apache raids. Fort Verde State Park features numerous military artifacts, Indian relics and articles used by the early settlers. Includes Live Reinactments. For more information about the State Park, call 928-567-3275.
Montezuma Castle and Montezuma Well National Monuments
Just north of Camp Verde near Jerome. Known as some of the best preserved cliff dwellings in the United States. Montezuma Castle is a five-story cliff dwelling built high into the face of a rock cliff and overlooks Beaver Creek. It was inhabited by the Sinagua Indians in 1250 A.D. The Sinagua mysteriously disappeared sometime during the 15th century. The monument's museum displays artifacts and exhibits describing the area's original inhabitants. Just northeast of the ruins is Montezuma Well National Monument. The natural limestone sink well is a cup-shaped depression 1750 feet in diameter and fed by natural springs. For more information about Montezuma Castle, call 928-567-3322.
Dead Horse Ranch State Park
Located just north of Clarkdale. The park has a stocked pond and is the perfect place for a day of fishing with the kids. Great for picnics, Birding, and on of Arizona's largest Kiparian areas. 928-634-5283.
Page Springs Fish Hatchery / Oak Creek Canyon / Slide Rock State Park
Located to the northeast of Cottonwood on Oak Creek, Page Springs is one of Arizona's fish cultural stations. Further north, past Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon is "red rock country" and home to Slide Rock State Park (7 miles north of Sedona) which boasts a natural rock waterslide. For park information, call 928-282-3034.


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