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Jerome Arizona
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Jerome Arizona

Pictures and photos of Jerome Arizona do not capture the spirit of the place. Living here and looking out across the valley is really more of the experience . I lived here several tiimes and these views are similar to what I saw from my porch. They actually called my place the Eagle's nest. So it is an experience of sky and the vastness of the earth.


This is a view looking back across the Verde Valley to the cliffs of Sedona. the verede Valley offers such a vaiety of scenic places to travelers. Every nook and cranny has its own unique gift.


Travel a little ways out of town on the Iron Horse Expedition, and this is what you will see: Sycamore Canyon wilderness area (The Little Grand Canyon) and the Sacred Peaks in the background


Okay. Here's a picture of city on the mountain. Three thousand feet above the Verde Valley. Nobody would have ever attempted such a feat, if not for the presence of copper and a little bit of gold and silver.
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Once the fourth largest city in the Territory, This townboasted a population of nearly 15,000 on its hilltop haven. During its heyday, men and women from all over the world made their way to AZ to find work and maybe a new way of life.
Today, when you visit the old city and its historic buildings, you are given an opportunity to take a step back in time, feel the past and experience life as it might have been in the when it was aTerritory. To help with your visit. the Historical Society’s Mine Museum, located on Main Street, has numerous displays depicting life in here from its beginnings to its present time.


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View from the Eagle's nest

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