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The Wisdom of The Earth
Private Tours for Surrendering to the healing power of nature

Every place on the land is a sacred place because it is all connected to the circle of one and the web of life. It is the mind that creates the illusion that we are separate to what is within and without. When you open to the depths of your own feelings . . . when you own your fear, your sadness, your anger . . .when you visit places that awaken you . . . when you open to the texture of a stand of Ponderosa pines, a grove of cottonwoods, the life flow of a creek or river, or a vast expanse of multicolored river shaped rocks . . .When you feel the wind and the sun and the rain as the world loving you . . . and when you let that loving in, you are opening to the web of life, the birth of creation, and gathering power.

Not something that you hold or possess, something that you open to and receive and let flow through. Not the gathering of information to weight your brain, but the sensation of becoming every texture of feeling within and without so that you float with the mystery of a cloud and you are the cloud and you are the sun that fills it with light. And the storms within are given to the big sky that is who you are. Become big sky to the busy-ness of the mind . In the secret simple beingness of the natural life around you is the door to your own secret beingness . . .

walk in beauty . . . .
Each journey or experience contains the others. How could it be other wise?
Becoming the land is Gathering Power and helps us discover and awakens us to the Sacred Places that are all around us, which in their most tangible, touchable form are expressions of the Elements. So how could anyone of them not be a Journey of The Elements. These are all actions of surrender by which we Come To The Center of the circle of one. All a Stepping Stone To Heaven. My intention in all of these experiences is to take people into a feeling place where they are the source of their own truth and inspiration, where in the simple act of opening to what is within and without one is empowered. Please check the Soul Journey listings below that give more detail about where we go and what we do.
Keep in mind that all my offered experiences are private.
They are tailored to your interests and needs.

4 - 5 hours :
$125. 00 PP (with three or more people)

$165.00 PP (with two people)

$285.00 PP (one person)

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