Shamanism and shamanic journey is present in some form in all cultures. Carlos Castenada's Don Juan has been a model for over thirty years of the Shaman teacher. Michael Harner's Shamanic Institute and the work of Sandra Ingerman have done a lot toward disseminating and developing some of the basic practices and techniques of the journeyer. Making the non-ordinary world accessible to anyone willing to practice. Soul retrieval is a delicate art. It requires the dual awareness of what is there and what the person is capable of receiving at this time. It is a labyrinth through light and darkness. You must be at home in this terrain and know it with in yourself. There is always an element of emotional healing and you must have all your elements present to engage the elements of anther's soul. You must be humble yet arrogant enough to trust what you see. The shaman is an actor, he activates energies to move. So there are the basic skills of awareness, will, and trust. And what grows out of that is concentration, the sensitivity to mental, emotional, physical . . . etc. energy and your availability to become the presence of power, light and love. To enter and be entered by the presence of Buddha or Christ.

Shamanic Healing Retreat

" Everyone breathes with the breath of the Great Mystery; each one a mystery within the whole mystery, a body within a soul, a knowing in
contact with all knowing. Herein sits the true importance."
Hanta Yo

The prayer figure holding the world conveys the action of what I seek to inspire in those who find their way to to me. It is the becoming of the circle that mirrors the circle of one, the Great Mystery. Ah, but what does that mean? It means the action of embracement. To embrace the mystery of all that we are, both inner and outer without judgment. To embrace the whole world without limitations. It is the willingness to acknowledge that we have all of creation, all of humanity, the good, the bad and the ugly within us. At its heart, then, this shamanic retreat is this action of unconditional embracement. The infinite South and the infinite North, the infinite East and the infinite West. Fire, air, earth and water. It is that so simple, yet so difficult action of Self Love, the loving embracement of the world of our Soul, which then allows us to embrace the world we live and move in. And finally it becomes the act of remembrance. I surrender to the question "Who am I?" in this land of magical sensuousity that reverberates with the answer. So I remember myself in the mystery within and without. So that once you are willing to become the whole world, accepting all that you are all that you have ever been and all that you will ever be then you can help others to enter this space. And what is the point of this journey of the stepping stones if we are not reaching back and helping those who are just lightly behind.
This is a more focussed and intensive retreat than our other offering. I seek to plant the seeds of skills and practices that you can continue when you return home. To strengthen or begin a spiritual practice that will grow for the rest of your life. They are also what I consider essential skills and practices to any shamanic or all healing work for that matter. We must know ourselves in the true perfection that honors imperfection.

Retreat Schedule

This schedule can be expected to be revised according to what I am guided to do. This is the first cycle of experiences. I haven't set dates yet. Send me an e-mail if you are interested. A three day version of this will also be available that will not include the sweat lodge. I am also available for personalized version one on one that would not include the sweat lodge.

Day One:
3:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Arrival: It is highly suggested that you fly into Phoenix no later than noon. So we can start the opening of the retreat at 3:30 PM


Beginning The Dream Time Journey - Coming To The Center: 4 has. To bring you into this heartfelt land and the heartfelt place within your self. . We will have an opening fire ceremony to bring everyone together and to set your intention. For more information go to Soul Journeys on The Land.

Day Two:
9:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Who Am I? - Shamanic and meditation techniques for creating the space in which to be."Ha! Be? What does that mean? Think of who you are as space and not the feelings, thoughts, emotions that fill the space. These are gentle practices for stepping into who you are and stepping out of who you think you are. This is presence. Where you can hold the compassionate space for all that you are. You become the daily reclaimer of your soul music and energy. Introducing the practice of sitting. Becoming the element of space and letting the question "Who am I " resonate through us and dwelling in the silent answer. We will take some time to just be and sit and listening. Introduction to Soul Journey sessions - A discussion of the process and how best to experience it and take it in. Also a time for any questions.

Tribal healing: In a sense we have gathered power and moved into the heart not just for ourselves but each other. Now we gather as a tribal healing circle to help one another open further in their physical and energetic being. I will guide the flow of the group as we give our loving attention to one person at a time through touch, sound, prayer, chant, singing bowls. This is a time of silent communion and feeling the gifts of the great mystery through the presence of others who open and surrender to bring it through them to you.. . The intention here also is to bring you into awareness where you are holding emotionally and physically. And through that simple act of gentle awareness open.

Day Three:
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Who are You? Morning meditation. What difference does it make how you sit? A great deal. Blockage in the back of the head and upper neck can affect the whole way you experience life.

Journey of The Elements: We'll discuss the five elements that are present in every level of our lives and how the medicine wheel, a mandala, teaches that life is a dance with the elements that finds balance and harmony when we dance in the center and experience our self as a circle without limits.

Web of Life Soul Journey Sessions I: Shamanic Healing & Counseling"Presence? That's what happens when you no longer have any hungry ghosts. Most of us spend a great deal of our lives driven by unfulfilled needs that we have lost touch with. Some of them go back so far they are primordial, even if it is reflected in a past life or childhood. The point is, its still going on, right now. We can know our Selves psychologically until we are blue in the face. But that's part of the problem. Knowing our Selves helps us feel in control. But evolving, ascending, growing, moving, means going to your edge and losing control. This is a body-mind experience for people who are ready to go right to the core and feel it. Yes, you get information, but that's what I call the booby prize. It's the immediate possibility of movement by choosing to take these vibrant disowned parts back into oneself. And in that act, which is an act of self-love, you reclaim your soulful radiance.

Clay will do shamanic sessions in the tribal web of life context for half of the retreat participants.

Lunch: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM You will be responsible for you own lunch

Journey To The Source - Birth Place of First Woman: 3- 4 hrs. This is a group hike to a cave of great feminine power. You will be your own guide. The purpose it to practice "Who Am I" while walking on the earth through an ancient land in the presence of the ancient ones. To listen, to see, to smell with your whole body. Your destination is a small cliff dwelling: The birth place of First Woman, Komwakatapia of the Yavapia - Apache. Will you chat or will you be present with The Presence, the Holy beings that inhabit this land. This is also about integrating the shaman sessions, a time for feeling, journaling, and contemplation.

Day Four:
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Who Are We? Morning mediation and talk. The inner smile. Loving your organs.

Questions And Sharing: This is a time to share what has been happening and to ask any questions that have come up.

The Elements As Emotional Energies: Everything is energy. E-motion is energy in movement. So many have spent a large part of their life suppressing emotion we frequently don't know what we are feeling. Clay will share some methods for becoming familiar with the world of energy which begins with our own feelings. Most of us have chosen to block some of these energies because of traumas, judgments, and fears. .Through subtle and dramatic movement Clay will lead you into experiencing and invoking these elemental energies and through your own gentle awareness you will experience what you are blocking and uncomfortable with. You will also find out how to use the body to find out how you feel. The more available you are to your feelings the more you are available to the world. This is really about opening to true power which is beyond the personal.

Web of Life Soul Journey Sessions II: Clay will be doing the sessions for the other half of the retreat participants if there are more than 4 participants.

Self Journey Process: If there are 4 or less participants we will use this time to explore the methods and practices of journeying for yourself and others. What are the key elements of the shamanic journey and how do you get out of your own way.We will begin this with a drumming circle.


Gathering Power - Entering The Web: 4hrs. Entering a state of prayer, surrender and receptivity in the land of the "ancient ones". And In the intimacy of sacred space speaking your truth in the circle of healing. So that you may receive the blessings of the elements and the great mystery and surrender to the greatness that you are. And in preparation for your night under the stars.

Hearing your Heart Voice: - Vision Quest: A night out on the land under the stars with the Great Mystery in preparation for the sweat lodge.

Day Five:
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Fire Lodge
and Closing :This is the final experience that helps bring everything together in the sacred space of the fire lodge. We enter the womb of the Earth in prayer and community - a passage of purification, self-love and surrender. During Day One we will be gathering rocks and wood for this experience. After the lodge a ceremony by the fire with food allows us to close our 4 days together in love, celebration, and newfound empowerment.
This is a full day experience. We will begin at 10:00 AM and go to about 5:00 PM.

Cost is $850 per person for everything with three or more people. Lodging is not included. However, I will be considering having folks camp out on my land. You will find some helpful links below. If you need more assistance with travel and lodging plans please let us know.

Clay: 928 634-3497


Pay deposit with credit card through PayPal or send a check to: Clay Miller, 405 W. Yuma, Cottonwood AZ 86326


Sacred Places

Becoming The Land

Stepping Stone to Heaven

Gathering Power

Coming to the Center

Journey of the Elements

sweat lodge
Soul Journey Fire Lodge
Touch the fire and enter

Web of life

Group Soul Journey Sessions


Iron Horse

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