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Quest for Fire
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Peace TruthVision

Personal wilderness retreat near Sedona Arizona

Vision quest is really at the heart of all spiritual traditions. The desert fathers of Christianity, Tibetan monks, Native Americans all had their private retreats away from all distractions. It is the clearing way of the obstacles to true seeing: that we are everything and nothing, that we are a mystery within a greater mystery. Receptivity and prayer allow for the grace of this profound seeing of truth. Our world today does not foster this openness' and receptivity. In fact many of us become so buried beneath strategies of survival and layers of stress we aren't available to true listening or seeing. This is what often brings us to a spiritual crisis: This pain of separation from who we are. Not an answerable question by the mind but by the quiet of a starry night. It is in the little moments of your journey that teaching comes. It is in the trail of ants pouring from the hill. It is in the blade of grass in harmony with the wind. It is in the leaf dropping from a tree, spiraling to the ground. And the meaning is in the seeing and receiving. Do you feel the kiss of the wind? To find this spiritual soul sight is to be in the present, to see what is as it is. Through experiencing the true nature of the land we experience our true nature. Through being with what we have been running from even if just for a night before a fire beneath a star filled night sky something can begin to move. For some people this solo night on the wild land can be the turning point in their life. the shakanic session and journey on the land provide the foundation. Below is really meant as an example of what can be uniquely created for you.
You will be on and around Visionary Butte: a volcanic intrusion that hovers in the central space of the valley. The element of space encompasses everything. You will also be spending time on Visionary butte medicine wheel / circle. Each of these offers a unique presence and gift.

This is a full day and night experience. It begins with a Shamanic session to inspire the flame of your soul and connect you to the greater flame. Then we spend 3 1/2 hours Soul Journeying on the land. We will eventually be arriving at the site where you will be spending the night. We will build a fire (forest policy allowing) the physical embodiment of your soul flame. Your face will be painted to reflect the splendor and power that is hidden within you. Perhaps you will dance, perhaps you will chant or sing, perhaps you will speak with the true heart voice into night or at dawn the next morning. This is about owning the peace that is who you are, that you are graced with when you live from your truth. And it is from this deep spring that true seeing awakens.


Shamanic healing / counseling - $145

Soul Journey On The Land (4hrs.)- $265

Over Night (Includes evening and morning activities) - $250

Healing the Dream Body (this could be added a the beginning or end): $145

If you wish to do all of the above the total discounted price is $750

The overnight can also be added to the Bare Bones Personal Retreat for an additional $200

Water, bedding and sleeping bag will be provided. Some of the above pricing is less per person when more than one is participating. See links at top for details.

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