Directions & Maps To Clay &

The Eagle's Nest

You will get lost if you Google or GPS my address
You can GPS or Google this address: 1148 N. Main St. This is a vacant lot where a garage burned down. Its right next to a yellow house. Kindra Heights will be up ahead Main St. about 300 Yards on the left.Other wise just print and follow my directions below.

426 KIndra Heigthts RD.
Cottonwood, Arizona


Directions to the eagle's nest and Alehzona Sacred Healing journeys

I am very easy to find no matter what direction you are coming from. As you can see by the above map it is right on the edge of what is called Old Town Cottonwood. If you happen to be coming up from Phoenix take Interstate 17 to Highway 260, Cottonwood / Jerome exit. Head towards Cottonwood. In about `15 minutes you run into 89A where you will go left into Cottonwood. Just follow the directions below beginning with Once you enter Cottonwood . . .Just remember you have already gone through one light.

I am 20 minutes from West Sedona. If you are staying in the Village of Oak Creek you will have to add another 20 minutes. 89A is the principle road through Sedona. It runs from Flagstaff to Prescott. From Sedona you want to head Southwest toward Cottonwood and Jerome. You will make no turns off of this road until you come to the road I live on. This is the same route you would take if you were driving to the Verde Canyon Railroad Depot. Once you enter Cottonwood you will drive through two stop lights. 89A becomes Main St. at this point. You will see a Chase Bank on the left and Bank of America on the right. Go straight through this light, staying on Main St. I am a little over two miles up ahead. You will pass through the newer Cottonwood business district. Then at about the two mile marker you will enter Old Town. You will know when you are there. Its a slice of old America. Drive through Old Town.

One of the last structures on the left as you leave old town is Ye Ole Hippie Emporium, 1123 Main ST. Continue out of two and just a short distance up ahead you will see a green sign on the right that Says:

  Kindra Heights Road .

Turn left here. The road has recently been paved. Drive about 300 yards up the paved road to my driveway on the right. You will see a sign above the black and yellow stripes that is my address and two stack of rocks at the end of my driveway.

  426 KIndra Heigthts RD.  


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426 Kindra Heights RD
Cottonwood, Arizona 86326