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From the Danish Documentary 2006 Film, "The Healing"

7 Page full color article in Happenez Magazine


It is March of 2012. It has been almost five years since I updated this page.The shamanic work that I do with people is unique to myself, not in its intent, but in its unfolding or coming forth from me. It comes from a very diverse combination of training. This training includes the development of my voice as a conduit of vibration as words, sounds and images, and a flexibility and deep connection between the psychological,emotional and the physical bodies, but most importantly the ability to "get out of the way."All these come together with what is a kind of psychic ability to tap into fields of energy that are historical, archetypal, primordial and more. This coming together is most adequately described by the practices of shamanism. I did not intend or set out to do what I do. It just started happening. The various skills I developed through my life's journey gave it a form that could help others. There are literally dozens of people who have contributed to where I have arrived at. But little did they or I know what they were actually training me for, nor did I. .How I actually arrived at doing what I do was a long and indirect journey, whose main thrust was always living an awake life.This still remains true today and is slowly becoming embodied in the written word in The Medicine of One. When I work with people I always tell them this is the most important thing I want them to leave with: Not something I did for them, but something they carry into theirs lives and do for themselves and for others.

We live in a world of labels and names, even more so with the internet and keyword searches. Shaman and Shamanism most accurately describe what I do in general and my relationship to the world. But most importantly, it describes a gift that I neither cultivated nor ask for, but discovered. A gift which is very consistent with the shaman-ic traditions of all cultures, but must always remain unique in how it is filtered through the individual.
But again, let me emphasize, my greatest ability is to "get out of the way" and be nothing and yet everything.

If you were to call me on the phone and ask me if I were a Shaman, I would say no. This word attempts to describes what I do, not who I am. I don't consider this a title of importance to be placed in front of your name. I use these words throughout my web site to help direct people to what they may be searching for. You will also see I use the word healer and teacher in the title above. This, too, is not really correct. I am a bridge or "hollow bone" that helps people "Clear the Way" by liberating rejected emotional energies within the space of their soul so that their natural harmony, balance and peace fills them. And I share my personal path that supports the intent to live in the center of the circle of who you are. That makes me a student teacher. This "hollow bone" has no cultural inscriptions or identifying marks. I am what I am. I do not represent a culture, country or tribe. I speak for no one but myself.

I continue to do what I do because I see the majority of people I work with
making great leaps toward their own liberation and coming into balance and harmony. This always happens because of the purity of their intent, the earnest efforts they make, and how they receive what I offer.
I am not able to help everyone. But as long as I can see people benefiting, I will keep doing what I do and keep listening and learning and evolving. I wish everyone a magnificent 2012.

Hanta Y0 - - -Clay - - -Cheyenne

Well, here we are in 2007, October 28, to be exact. Its time to update this page. If nothing else with a recent photo. And, I have finally added a snippet from my song Arizona, Arizona, which I refer to as my love song to Arizona. You would have heard this as this page opened . . . if you had your sound turned up. I am going to add to this "about me" page rather than rewrite it so that you can view the progression. The most revealing is certainly not the content of what I might say about myself , but the way in which it is done. You won't find a lot of, "I have studied this and studied that, been here and there, etc. This isn't the kind of information that I find meaningful or telling. Most folks that find there way to me don't either, and I guess some of the ones that did not find there way to me, found me lacking in this department of listed credentials. That was a mouthful. My truest credentials are the many gracious thank you's that people send me. Somewhere I have a page of a few of these, but even something like this anyone can produce. What I do intend to share is what I consider a well rounded comment that was sent, that is not just full of a lot of expletives but really captures something of the experiences. You can now view the first of these on this page.

You will see my animal friends frequently pictured throughout my site. There is a reason for this. They are not only my companions, but my helpers. Unless, people have an aversion to dogs, they accompany us. Their presence has been a great blessing and gift to many. Some who have been afraid of dogs have overcome their fears and found new friends. But there have been a few occasions over the years when their presence was not welcome. And that's okay. We don't take it personally.

You will find many errors throughout these pages. Typos, misspellings, grammar, punctuation, etc. I do try to catch them. But on the other hand I post these pages as something in progress, never finished, never perfect, changing all the time, as the flow of what I do. And some of what maybe "incorrect" is intentional.

Winter 2004

Hi folks, originally these pages were designed by a web designer. The only thing that remains are what you see in the quotes below. I figured, "What the heck, I'd never say that even if its true." I have spent a lot of personal time designing my site so that it reflects who I am. Unfortunately, these page have been waiting a long time for me to give them my Attention. I have always found talking about myself to be the most difficult challenge. So who I am is communicated more clearly in the over all texture and feel of my site. Quite frankly, I try to avoid definitions. At any particular moment what I am is what I am doing. So I do a lot of things. Other than that, I'm just apart of the Great Mystery like the rest of you. Now, before I go any further, if you have come this far and you're just looking for a great scenic,educational, entertaining, adventure you have indeed found it. In spite of the spiritual feel of my site, I do a lot of educational, scenic tours and sing a few original songs and some old favorite too. Every week I narrate and entertain 400 people at a time on the Verde Canyon Railroad. So don't be frightened by all this soulful stuff, even though you have one too. If you are just looking for a straight tour go straight to my Time Expeditions section . . . or read on. If you are interested in the deeper side of things and healing you can probably skip all this and go directly to shamanic counseling. Or if you ar looking for something more personal and revealing well . . .try here: Clay Miller Sedona Arizona guide counselor Teacher.

So after the quotes below I am going to talk a little bit and then I invite you to journey through the rest of my site.
It is my wish that you find what you are looking for. It has come to my attention that a few people in the area think that the specific words that I use or experiences that I offer are the secret to drawing people to them. So you may find some of this in your internet journeys. My site and my choice of words reflects who I am and what I offer. Look carefully into my site, call me if you like. Look around at others offerings and then go with your gut. If I don't think I am the right person for you I will tell you.



This is how the media and his international clientele - which comes from as far as Europe & Australia to see him - have described his guided tour experiences, retreats and shamanic counseling.

"For over 13 years, this exceptional nature guide, counselor, poet, story teller, performer and song writer has been facilitating "peak" experiences in the American Southwest's historically rich Native American Red rock country, beautiful high desert and the magical "Little Grand Canyon" area, South of Flagstaff, AZ. USA."

I share a lot of information on my Time Expeditions tours and some of The Soul Journey ones too. Most people don't remember very much. Because the information is really only about enriching the experience. Its a doorway into the magic of this place and land. Sometimes we get into a lot of mining and railroad history, well that's just another doorway , into another time. Ethnobotany is just a doorway into the plant world. Its not about identifying with a lot of fancy names its about relationship. This valley is as interesting geologically as any place in the world, and knowing some of the particulars deepens our relationship with the earth. The wonderful red rock canyons of the valley are full of cliff dwellings and rock art, a doorway into the heart and mind of an ancient people. These ancient people and the present day Indians of the region, Yavapai, Apache, Hopi, Navajo had a different way of experiencing the ancient stories of the land. But what the stories did was create relationship. Now there are what people call sacred places commonly called vortices. Well these are just spiritual doorways. So it is ultimately about enriching your relationship with what is in front of you in this moment, even though we can talk a lot about the past: Riding through a fiery red canyon of 1.8 billion year old rock with cotton puffs of cloud thrown up into the bluest sky you have ever seen. I could write a book about my love of this land, and maybe someday I will. But for now I'm content to speak it each day with you.

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