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clay Miller

Medicine Of One

medicine of one




sedona Indian healer Shamanic Counseling & Healing ~ Vision Quest sedona Indian healer
Spiritual Retreats ~
Tours / Journeys

Retreats - Sedona Spiritual Tours - Spiritual Quest - Emotional Healing Retreats
Shaman Healing & Counseling - Private Retreat & Quests - Tour The Mystery

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Retreat ~ Quest ~ Tour

Transformational Tours Sedona Retreat
Soul Journey
Spiritual Healing Tours
Vision of one
Retreats Quest

vision Quest

Sacred Journeys . . .

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Sedona Spiritual Tours

Shamanic Healing Medicine Wheel

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Sacred Healing Journey CD's
Live healing sessions, Original songs by Clay including Arizona, Arizona, flute music, tours.

Quest retreat Tours
shamanic heal

Counseling / Soul Retrieval
Shamanic Soul Dreamer
Spiritual - Emotional - Physical

Arizona Quest Tours Retreats
Clay Miller

Clay Lomakayu

. . .
On the Land

Medicine Of One Soul / Spirit

Shamanic Earth Wisdom Healing
Recorded personal meditation

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Gathering Soul Medicine
Each of us comes from the source of creation as a perfect song. Healing is the recovery of this blessed music.

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clay miller

Arizona Sacred Tours / Healing / Sedona Retreats & Quest

This is a soul pilgrims land that invites you to seek refuge and Spiritual renewal, to quest for vision, healing and wonder of the soul. Whether on a scenic hiking tour through sacred red rock canyons or sitting in a vortex of gentle wind, it is an experience of self discovery that somehow accelerates your personal growth. Spirit and body, heart and soul come together in beauty. To journey into this vast valley can be like a shamanic retrieval of the soul, a blessing from the breath of stars. It is here, for me, that the word home has profound meaning. For this shaman's medicine land is a doorway to what is most important in life. It is my home and soul's retreat, and it is my joy to share it with you on one of my many soul journeys.

Sedona Vision Quest
Aleh - zon is a Papago (Tohono O'odam) Indian word that is the origin of the name Arizona. It was the name given to a deep healing springs near the Mexican border. All that I do is about helping people connect to the the deep springs of their own soul and beingness and ultimately to the center where all the deep springs meet in healing and oneness.

It is my choice to take you where few visit or even know about, places not overwhelmed with the buzz of tourism, so you may feel at home with the ancient spirits and the ancient earth. I have been working as a soul and tour guide for 20 years in this sacred valley. I hope that I may serve you in some way, whether through a soul journey session or gathering spirit medicine on the land, a retreat, a song, a chant, a drum beat, a soulful hiking tour,a myth, a story, a teaching, the voice of the flute so your soul may journey to its truest home. t

The Native Americans that still live in this valley are Yavapai and Tonto
Apache. This sacred land of red rocks & the Verde Valley may have been the red city of the south, Palatkwapi, of the Hopi Indians They have a wonderful myth about how these special spots on the earth came about.The Twin Hero of the South pole, Palonghoya, went into deep meditation and searched with his mind throughout the universe for the heart beat of the Great Spirit. And when he found it, he began to beat his drum, drawing that which gives movement to all things to the heart of the earth where it began to beat. And that heartbeat then pulsed out to the surface of the earth giving birth to life. And those places on the surface of the earth where the drum beat is the strongest, power spot, sacred place, vortex, calls out to those who will listen. Calls out like the voice of home, the great mystery . . . and waits . . . Are you listening? Perhaps you have been listening and you don't even know it. Even if you just accidentally vacation here it will work its magic on you. There are magical places of soulfullness that so few know of in Sedona and the Verde Valley.

Sedona Finding Sarah

Spiritual Tours Shamanic Healing Retreats Quest Sedona Arizona
Shaman Digby Cheyenne Chasta Beauty Cougar
Catch cougar before my helpers to email me
928 634-3497

Mail To:
Alehzon Sacred Journeys
426 Kindra Hieghts RD
Cottonwood, AZ 86326


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I help you clear the way to it through methods most appropriately called Shamanism, shamanic healing or counseling and can fall into categories such as soul retrieval, medicine wheels, soul restoration and emotional healing. I sometimes use the word shaman to describe what I do because I fit into that descriptive category. But this is not a title and I cringe when asked if that is what I am. What "I am" is part of the great mystery. Each of us a mystery within the great mystery. And the mystery in me bows to the mystery in you. My work is about helping direct and align you with what you are looking for. This deepest of intents is perhaps hidden from your awareness . . . or perhaps not.

I offer tours, retreats, healing sessions and my own form of Vision Quest. All of my offerings are private because it allows me to serve "you" from the moment we meet. A large part of the reason for my doing what I do is to share this "intimate soul time" with you, even if it is just a journey on the land.

There is much information throughout my web site, but perhaps the quickest way to know what I am about is through the numerous You Tube videos I have posted on my Medicine of One channel.

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